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Lophocyrtis (Lophocyrtis) jacchia hapsis Sanfilippo and Caulet, 1998

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Three-segmented robust form with a long conical
horn. Cephalis spherical, commonly with small, subcircular pores or, rarely, poreless. Apical spine partially free in the cephalic cavity, protruding outside as a strong, conical apical
horn, roughened or with a few small thorns near the distal end.
Base of the apical spine is variably expressed as dimples, coalescing arches or short hollow tubes. Mitral arches have not been observed. The median bar is short and horizontal, and the vertical bar directed upward, rarely protruding as a short, weak spine. Cephalis separated from the thorax by a distinct change in external contour associated with the presence of six to ten large pores separated by strong trabeculae, some of which are derived from the extensions of the spines from the fundamental spicule.
Thorax hemispherical with roughened surface, and quincuncially arranged subcircular pores. The abdomen is somewhat thinner walled than the thorax, cylindrical to tapering, sometimes
inflated in its proximal part. Abdominal pores vary from similar in size and arrangement to the thoracic ones, to very variable in size and arrangement. Lumbar stricture may or may not be
marked on the external contour of the shell. Usually, the pores just below the lumbar stricture are two to three times as large as
the remaining ones. Termination variable, often consisting of a poreless band from which three short, triangular feet originate, or undifferentiated with three terminal and/or subterminal short, conical feet. Rare specimens have been observed with a closed abdomen and short terminal feet.
Sanfilippo and Caulet 1998











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