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Cenosphaera coronataformis Shilov, 1995

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Shell composed of one sphere. On the sphere, ridges are well developed on the pores, particularly on the marginal part of the shell. They seem to make a rim around the shell, forming a peculiar corona. On the shell surface, in the center, there is a large pore (d = 20-25 μm), which is adjoined by smaller pores (d= 15—18 μm) across, forming a hexahedron. Shell diameter: with ridges, 160-180 μm; without ridges, 90-120 μm; height of ridges, 30-70 μm. Measurements taken on 20 specimens.

Name: coronataformis (lat.). Similar with "coronata."

Occurrences: Sample 145-884B-64X-CC. Lower Miocene
Shilov 1995











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