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Cenosphaera(?) oceanica Clark and Campbell, 1945

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Cenosphaera oceanica
Spherical shell of moderate diameter, with a thick wall (14.4µ) and rough surface; pores similarly circular and of equal diameter, 9 or 10 on a quadrant, deeply set, well spaced, and with blunted sepaloid conical points which make the surface rough. Diameter of shell 180µ, of pores 6.6µ.
Cenosphaera oceanica n.sp. suggests platyconus Haeckel (1887, pl.12, fig.3), but the lumpy sepaloid points are not latticed, its wall is not so thick as that of compacta Haeckel (1887), and the surface is rougher; there are also more pores in a quadrant.
Clark and Campbell 1945
Cenosphaera(?) oceanica group
Only the cortical shell was seen, and is thick-walled. There are 35-40 irregular pores on half of the equator. Shell diameter is 320µ-370µ. Oligocene-Miocene.
Remarks: The author does not think this species is closely related to the species typical to Cenosphaera, but the proper genus in which to include this species is not clear.
Petrushevskaya 1975











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