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Stylodictya ocellata Ehrenberg, 1873

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Stylodictya ocellata, discus gyrose annulalus spiralis, media cellula parva gyrorum poris, mediis parvis externis valde et eleganter ampliatis crebris, spinis radiantibus prope medium a tenui radicula in aculeos crassos increscunt. Specimen mancum. Aculei 2 (fere 4). Diam. disci (gyris 4) 1/20''', cell. mediae 1/120'''. Pori majores 3 in 1/96'''. Long. acul. 1/42'''.
Ehrenberg 1873
Tholodiscus ocellatus
Skeleton is irregularly quadrangular, consisting of 3-4 systems; width of the cupolas is relatively large, especially in the last systems; zig-zag radial lines are clearly expressed, pores are round. On the first system pores are half the size of most on the others; there are 3-4 pores on the width of a cupola. Four rather thick and long, three-bladed spines are arranged at right angles. Disc diameter 140-170µ, width of cupolas 12µ (first system), 40µ (fourth system); pore diameter 7-8µ, in the first system 3µ; length of spines exceeds 100µ.
Petrushevskaya and Kozlova 1972











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