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Collosphaera(?) pyloma Reynolds, 1980

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Collosphaera pyloma
This unusual thick-walled collosphaerid possesses a pylome-like structure. The relatively smooth surface of the test is irregularly interrupted by very small circular to subcircular pores of similar size (approximately 3-4µm). The overall shape of the test is that of a prolate ellipsoid with a minor axis of approximately 80 µm and a major axis of about 110 µm. Small teeth are present at the termination of the pylome.
Range: Lower part of Lithocarpium polyacantha Zone to lower part of Ommatartus hughesi Zone.
Holotype: Sample 438A-78-3, 90-92 cm, Slide #1, H 14/3 (Plate 1, Figures 7 and 8).
Type locality: Northwest Pacific Ocean, Sample 438A-78-3, 90-92 cm.
Repository: Rice University Micropaleontology Collection.
Reynolds 1980
Gen. et sp. indet.
Remarks. We have found the form described by Reynolds (1980, p. 761, pl. 1, figs. 5-9) as Collosphaera pyloma. However, we do not think that this form is a collosphaerid, nor have we been able to find a satisfactory generic assignment for the taxon. It appears, nevertheless, to be a useful stratigraphic marker with its LO near the top of Riedel and Sanfilippo's Diartus petterssoni Zone. For this reason we have documented its occurrence in our North Pacific material. We have restricted our counts to those forms in which the pylome is clearly visible.
Morley and Nigrini 1995











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