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Periphaena decora Ehrenberg, 1873

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Periphaena decora, capsulae (nuclei?) superficies cellulosa, seriebus contiguis radiantibus dense obtecta, margine eleganter ciliato (aut in limbo striato). Diam. 1/8''', diam. nuclei 1/28'''. Long. ciliae 1/192'''. Series cellularum in 1/96''' 4. Latit. limbi 1/98'''.
Ehrenberg 1873
Periphaena decora
Disk with smooth surface, three times as broad as the medullary shell. Pores regular, circular; twenty to twenty-two on the radius of the disk, disposed in radial series. Girdle of the margin nearly as broad as the radius of the medullary shell, in the distal half structureless, in the proximal half with eighty to ninety short radial ribs.
Dimenions.-Diameter of the disk 0.25, of the shell 0.08, of the 0.06.
Habitat.-Fossil in Barbados.

Haeckel 1887











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