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Druppatractus nanus Blueford, 1982

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Two shells, 72-84 and 24µm in diameter . Outer shell thick (10µm) with high relief around pores, slightly elongated along polar axis, two unequal bladed, rarely conical, polar spines with lengths of 36-72 and 5-24µm. Outer pores circular, of equal size, 2 or 3µm in diameter, closely packed, 4-7µm between pore centers. Four or five radial beams connecting inner to outer shell. Details of inner shell obscured.
Distinguishing features:
Two small shells with spherical inner shell. Two unequal, polar, bladed, spines, thick outer surface, and small pore diameter. Differs from Druppatractus irregularis (Popofsky 1912) by its spherical inner shell and thicker outer shell and from Druppatractus hastatus by its bladed spines, four or five radial beams, and thicker outer shell.
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