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Artostrobus quadriporus Bjørklund, 1976

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Shell consists of cephalis, thorax and abdomen, with no ring separating the thorax and the abdomen. The 25 specimens examined vary from 40 to 50µm across the thickest part on the abdomen, with a length varying from 90 to 125µm. The shell wall is rather thick, and pores on the upper half of the test are round to square, while the test at this part is heavily spiny (pl. 23, figs. 15-17 and 20). The lower part of the test is characterized by being more delicate, the spines are usually missing.
Dimensions of holotype: The broadest point on the abdomen is 44µm, while the length of the test is 107µm (pl. 23, fig. 17). Holotype from Sample 339-11, CC.
Bjørklund 1976











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