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Didymocyrtis mammifera (Haeckel, 1887)

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Cortical shell thin walled, having a circle of six to eight conical protuberances in the greatest breadth of both chambers, each of which exhibits a central apical pore, surrounded by a circle of six to eight oblique larger pores. Between the protuberances occur nine to ten pores on the half meridian of each chamber, circular, subregular, twice to three times as broad as the bars. Polar tubes cylindrical, conical at the closed end, with smaller pores, about as long as the greatest breadth of the chambers, as broad as the spherical outer medullary shell.
Main axis (without tubes) 0.13, greatest breadth (including the protuberances) 0.1; pores 0.005 to 0.008, bars 0.003; length of the polar tubes 0.09, basal thickness 0.02.
(Haeckel) 1887











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