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Carposphaera raiai Blueford, 1982

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Description: Two concentric shells with diameters of 120 and 36 µm. Outer shell thick, lacking spines and with raised pore frames. Pores circular, of equal size, 8-10µm in diameter, closely packed, polygonally framed, 8-11 µm between pore centers. Inner shell thick, connected to outer by eight thin radial beams. Pores hexagonal, of equal size.
Holotype: Plate5, figure 3, DSDP Site 289, core 41, section 2, 98-101 cm, England finder Q37/2 (USNM 315059).
Distinguishing features: Two concentric thick shells, with closely packed large pores. Differs from Thecosphaera sanfilippoae by its thicker shell, larger pores, and size. Differs from Carposphaera melissa Haeckel by smaller size and pores.
Comments: May be a variant of Thecosphaera sanfilippoae, but because it is rare at both sites, more work will have to be done for conclusive evidence.
Derivation of name: In honor of my father's family name, Raia.
Occurence: Too rare in assemblage to project an upper or lower limit.
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