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Hexastylus formosus Blueford, 1982

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Description: Single shell, 100-120 µm in diameter, with three to six equal, bladed spines, 36-48 µm in length. Pores elliptical, 8-12 µm in diameter, irregularly arranged to form delicate meshwork. Larger pores to three times the diameter of smaller pores.
Holotype: Plate 3, figure 8. DSDP Site 289, core 39, section 1, 97- 100 cm, England finder D 36/2 (USNM 315057).
Distinguishing features: Single shell, three to six long-bladed spines. Pore frames thin with elliptical pores. Differs from H.dimensivus by its delicate meshwork.
Derivation of name: In reference to the finely formed pore network, from the Latin formos, graceful.
Occurence: Occurs rarely and sporadically at Site 77, more abundantly at Site 289. There may be an upper limit in core 289-34. No other upper or lower limit has been determined.
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