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Stylosphaera coronata coronata Ehrenberg, 1873

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Stylosphaera coronata, globosa, margine dentato-aspero, cellulis discretis mediocribus, aculeis duobus sulcatis, uno breviore sub apice incrassato, tamquam coronato, altero attenuato longiore, nucleo incerto. Diam. sine aculeis 1/31'''. Cell. in 1/96'" fere 2 1/2. Long. acul. majoris 1/38'", minoris 1/50"'.
Ehrenberg 1873
Cortical shell ellipsoidal, tick-walled, with pores subcircular, generally rosette-shaped (distance between centers approximately 11-17.5µ). At each pole of the cortical shell is a heavy, bladedspine- one of them evenly tapered, approximately as long as the cortical shell, and the other shorter, with its outline commonly subparallel proximally and abruptly tapered distally. Medullary shell delicate, pyriform, with its axis usually coincident with that of the cortical shell, joined to the cortical shell by about eight or more bars, of which the two collinear with the external spines are the strongest.
Measurements (based on 30 specimens from 94-17-2, 94-22-4, 94-26-2, and 96-3-5): major diameter of cortical shell 75-115µ, its minor diameter 75-110µ. Width of medullary shell 27.5-37.5µ.
Sanfilippo and Riedel 1973











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