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Haliommetta miocenica (Campbell and Clark, 1944)

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Shell rather small, globose, spiny, and with numerous (perhaps as many as a dozen or more), large (equal to shell radius in length), scattered radial spines, mostly in opposite pairs, some in a roughly single peripheral plane (5-9 in one plane), these spines three-angled with similar, equidistant, triangular, distally sharp, apically pointed, and basally broad, straight blades, these spines constituting main or principal-spines, and others, by -spines or sepaloid points, thin sharp needles which arise from nodes of subhexagonal meshwork, these by-spines as much as 0.25 length of principal-spines; shell regularly contoured; pores circular to elliptical, fairly uniform, and 14-16 across diameter, deeply and closely set in high, ridgelike subhexagonal meshwork, hexagons forming funnels around pores. Lengths of principal-spines, 60 µ ; diameter of shell, 120 µ, of pores, 10 µ.
Heliosphera miocenica n. sp. differs from pectinata (Haeckel, 1887, = Acanthosphaera pectinata Haeckel, 1881) chiefly in fewer, swordlike main-spines and much deeper framework with taller funnels.
Campbell & Clark 1944











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