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Circodiscus ellipticus (Stöhr, 1880)

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Slightly ellipsodal second shell is 30µ-40µ in diameter. The bradth of the chambers in the third layer (the breadth of the first distinct chamber ring ) is about 10µ; in the fourth shell about 25µ. In the ring the breadth of the chambers may be variable: in typical forms (pl. 6, fig.1-3) it is 35µ-50µ, but this shell may be reduced and stand out from the previous shell at the distance of only 10µ (pl.6, fig.4). The fourth ring (the last) is quite variable, the chambers of that shell are 5µ-25µ broad. The pylom is on the longer side of the ellipsoid, not on the shorter, narrower, as in Porodiscus microporus (Stöhr) polipora Vinassa de Regny, 1900 (pl.2, fig.7), or in Carnevale's (1908, pl.4. fig. 7-9) species.
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