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Anthocyrtium anthemis Haeckel, 1887

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Anthocyrtium anthemis (p. 1273):
Shell papillate, with obliterated collar stricture. Length of the two joints = 1:3, breadth = 1:3. Cephalis hemispherical, with very small and scarce pores, and a conical horn of the same length. Thorax conical, as long as broad, with conical papillæ, and eight to ten transverse rows of roundish pores, gradually increasing in size downwards. Mouth scarcely constricted, with fifteen to twenty divergent, straight, conical feet, half as long as the thorax.

Dimensions: Cephalis 0.03 long, 0.04 broad; thorax 0.09 long, 0.09 broad.
Habitat: North Pacific, Station 244, depth 2900 fathoms.
Haeckel 1887
Anthocyrtium anthemis:
As there exists no figure of this species, I am somewhat uncertain about the identification. I have seen a single specimen only, which was found alive at 63 degrees N, 2 degrees E (March 1898), where it occurred together with some species of the tricho-type. The description in Haeckel’s Monograph (Chall. Rep. page 1273) agrees well with my specimen, but the dimensions are somewhat dissimilar. On my specimen the cephalis was 0.02 mm long and broad and thorax 0.05 long and 0.1 broad.

Haeckel’s species was found in the abysmal depths of the northern Pacific. If my species really belongs to Haeckel’s species, the occurrence above the deep “Norske Rende” is a fact of considerable interest.
Cleve 1901











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