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Lithostrobus wero (Hollis, 1991)

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Description: Narrowly conical test, in many cases slightly curved, of at least ten segments. Small perforate cephalis bears slender apical horn and small vertical apical spine. Thorax and succeeding three or more segments slightly inflated truncate conical, and gradually increasing in size. Distal segments annular, of more or less equal size. Pores of post-thoracic segments large, circular, set in hexagonal pore frames, and quincuncial in 3-4 rows per segment. Strictures weakly to moderately developed.

Remarks: This species appears similar to the type species L. argus but internal features of the latter remain obscure. L. wero is thought to be ancestral to Buryella granulata which differs by having a more fusiform test with thickened, irregularly nodular pore frames.
Hollis 1991











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