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Lamprocyclas maritalis Haeckel, 1887

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Lamprocyclas maritalis:
Shell campanulate, very similar to the preceding species (Lamprocyclas nuptialis; pl. 74, fig. 15) in form and fenestration, but not so slender and with different peristome. Length of the three joints = 4:5:6; breadth = 4:10:13. Cephalis subspherical, with a very stout, pyramidal horn of twice the length, the edges of which are spirally convoluted. Outer coronal of the peristome with twelve to fifteen short, divergent feet, inner with as many convergent, longer feet. Dimensions – Length of the three joints, a 0.04, b 0.05, c 0.06; breadth a 0.04, b 0.1, c 0.12
Haeckel 1887











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