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Lithostrobus cuspidatus (Bailey, 1856)

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Eucyrtidium cuspidatum (p. 5):
Shell conical with eight or more articulations, head rounded and bearing a long curved setiform process. Length of shell 6m [0.006 English inch]. Length of setula 5m to 6m [0.005-0.006 English inch].

In the Atlantic soundings is found a species closely resembling this, except that it has not been seen with the setiform process.
Bailey 1856
Lithostrobus tristichus (p. 1469):

Lithostrobus cuspidatus B├╝tschli 1882, Zeitschr. f. wiss. Zool., vol. xxxvi, p. 529.
Eucyrtidium cuspidatum Bailey, 1856, Amer. Journ. Sci. and Arts, vol. xxii. p. 5, pl. 1, fig. 12.

Shell slenderly conical, smooth, with straight axis, and eight to ten deep strictures. All joints nearly of the same length, the eighth joint twice as broad as the third. In each joint three transverse rows of pores. Horn of the cephalis bristle-shaped, strongly curved about as long as the shell. (Ehrenberg confounds this species with Lithostrobus cuspidatus).

Dimensions: Length of the shell (with eight joints) 0.16, of each joint 0.02; breadth of the fourth joint 0.04, of the eight 0.08.
Habitat: North Pacific, Kamtschatka (Bailey); Station 241, depth 2300 fathoms.

Haeckel 1887











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