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Lophocyrtis dumitricai Sanfilippo, 1990

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Description: Three-segmented theoperid with very variable abdomen. Apical spine as long to twice as long as the cephalis. This horn varies in robustness and in later specimens is terminated with a "button". The cephalic wall is perforated by 20-30 small subcircular pores, sometimes expressed only as pits on the surface. Collar stricture marked by a distinct change in contour externally and a constriction internally. Thorax approximately hemispherical, with a rough surface and approximately 25 pores on the maximum circumference, arranged quincuncially. The lumbar stricture is marked both internally and externally by a constriction. The subcylindrical to inflated abdomen varies in length. Early in the range the abdomen is short (95-210 µ) and later it increases to approximately 300µ. Early forms develop a somewhat coarser meshwork than the ancestor L. (Lophocyrtis) jacchia, but not as coarse as that of later forms, where the abdominal pores are 6-8 times larger than the thoracic ones. A differentiated peristome is never developed. Three subterminal or terminal feet can be short and solid or incipient, latticed with 3-6 pores extending downward from the distal margin of the abdomen.
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