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Lophocyrtis (Lophocyrtis ?) barbadense (Ehrenberg, 1873)

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Description: Three-segmented small theoperid with three thoracic spines. Cephalis subspherical with a few small subcircular pores, or a pitted surface, bearing a sharply pointed short apical horn. The apical horn is as long as the cephalis in Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene forms with three reduced arches. In Late Oligocene forms the horn is reduced to a short thorn with a hole at its base. The apical spine is partially free, attached to the cephalic wall by short apophyses. Two mitral arches depart from the apical spine close to the top of the cephalis and merge with the cephalic wall. The vertical spine is at an angle with the downwardly inclined median bar and does not protrude outside the cephalic wall. Strong primary lateral and dorsal spines are prolonged into the thoracic wall, protruding outside as short spines. Thorax subspherical with small irregularly to quincuncially arranged pores that vary somewhat in size. Abdomen inverted truncate conical with an undifferentiated termination. Lumbar stricture gently marked on the external contour, and with an internal constricting septa1 band. Abdominal pores similar in size to those of the thorax, commonly irregularly distributed.
Ehrenberg 1873











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