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Anthocyrtidium adiaphorum Sanfilippo and Riedel, 1992

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Similar to Anthocyrtidium stenum, especially in the cephalic structure, but with a much broader skeleton (70- 110μm, versus 50-75μm in A. stenum), the thorax being campanulate. It lacks the poreless areas of shell wall exhibited by some specimens of A. stenum. Measurements: (based on 40 specimens from DSDP Site 42, Core 4; Site 78, Core 27; Site 220, Core 10; Site 289, Core 69 and from the Bath Cliff Section in Barbados sample BC-81-69): Length of cephalothorax 70- 120μm, width of thorax 70- 110μm, length of the horn 20-70μm. There are 13-16 pores on a half circumference of the widest part of the thorax.
Sanfilippo and Riedel 1992











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