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Albatrossidium minzok Sanfilippo and Riedel, 1992

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Three-segmented pterocorythid with a large, distinctly pored cephalis bearing a bladed horn. The cephalis has a short, broad appearance because of the large laterally placed paired lobes, and the relatively short eucephalic lobe. Thorax is campanulate to inflated campanulate with small pores arranged quincuncially in distinct longitudinal rows that are sometimes emphasized by weak angular poreframes appearing more distinct longitudinally, and thus giving the impression of undulating ridges between the pores. Collar stricture indistinct externally as contour of cephalis merges with that of the thorax. Thorax and abdomen separated by a strong internal stricture that is only indistinctly marked externally. Quincuncially arranged pores on the cylindrical abdomen exhibit strict longitudinal alignment, usually separated by longitudinal costae. Termination undifferentiated. In early forms a vestigial wing is sometimes present, and the abdomen terminates in a hyaline zone that is 3-4 pore-rows wide and of the same thickness as the abdominal wall.
Sanfilippo and Riedel 1992











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