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Lophocyrtis (Cyclampterium) hadra Sanfilippo and Riedel, 1986

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Description: Fundamental spicule reduced to four collar pores, and apical bar forming a part of the cephalic wall. Apical spine robust, pronouncedly bladed, with three or four open arches (corresponding to the blades) where it leaves the cephalis, and about 4-10 short thorns distally. Cephalic wall perforated by 20-30 small, circular to subcircular pores. Collar stricture marked by a distinct change in contour externally, and constricted internally. Thorax inflated-hemispherical, with thick wall perforated by quincuncially arranged pores, regular in size and arrangement in most specimens. About 8-11 pores on a halfcircumference, hexagonally framed and with distinct, junction-restricted thorns. Some specimens show a single row of larger thoracic pores adjacent to the cephalis. The bars separating these larger pores slope upward to join the cephalis, and it is for this reason that the collar stricture is not pronounced externally. Thorax terminates in a thickened rim which constricts its aperture. The abdomen is joined to the thorax, just above this thickened rim, by robust, approximately longitudinal bars that separate the first row of abdominal pores. In many specimens, this row of pores is larger than the others on the abdomen, which are subcircular, irregular in size and arrangement (approximately 5-7 on a half-circumference).
Sanfilippo and Riedel 1986











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