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Lophocyrtis (Sciadiopeplus) oberhaensliae Sanfilippo, 1990

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Description: Fundamental spicule reduced to the bars separating four collar pores and apical bar forming a part of the cephalic wall. A weakly developed apical spine is present in some specimens, in others it is reduced to a thickened
cap over the cephalis. Cephalic wall perforated by 20-30 small circular to subcircular pores. Collar stricture marked by a distinct change in contour externally and a constriction internally. Thorax approximately hemispherical, with a rough surface and about 22-32 pores on the maximum circumference, arranged quincuncially. The abdomen is in many respects similar to that of the ancestor Lophocyrtis(Cyclampterium) milowi. While the abdomen in the ancestor is rounded triangular in crossection, because of the development of the keels, it is round in L. (S.) oberhaensliae. The abdominal pores are large (12-30 around the circumference), becoming even larger and more irregular in the latest members (Plate II, 14). This conically expanding segment is terminally open and often surrounded by up to
12 short feet originating from the lattice bars constituting the abdominal lattice (there is no differentiated peristome) and not differentiated from the lattice. Later forms progressively develop a shorter, widely expanding abdomen with longer solid feet.
Sanfilippo 1990











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