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Lophocyrtis (Paralampterium) ? longiventer (Chen, 1975)

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Description: Shell subconical and thick-walled. Cephalis hemispherical with small circular pores, bearing a conical horn as long as the cephalis, separated from thorax by a distinct change in contour. Thorax inflated conical, thick-walled, separated from abdomen by a distinct constriction. Thoracic pores small, circular, sometimes hexagonally framed, and arranged in longitudinal rows. Abdomen inflated conical, ovate in cross-section, thick walled and robust. Abdominal pores subcircular to polygonal, larger than those on the thorax, slightly increasing in size distally, and arranged in longitudinal rows. Shell terminated by a wide open mouth surrounded by 3-6 irregular teeth.
Chen 1975











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