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Lophocyrtis nomas Sanfilippo and Caulet, 1998

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Description: Cylindrical, three-segmented theoperid with an inflated subspherical thorax and cylindrical abdomen. Cephalis spherical, with a few small pores, or poreless, bearing a short conical apical horn, rarely with three ridges at its base. Apical spine partially free within the cephalis. Very short mitral arches merge with the top of the cephalic wall a short distance from the apical spine. The thorax is subspherical to inflated campanulate, and its surface smooth to slightly roughened by the pore frames. There are 20-30 quincuncially arranged circular pores on a half circumference. Collar and lumbar strictures well defined. Abdomen cylindrical to tapering distally with pores similar in size and arrangement to those on the thorax. The abdominal shell wall is more delicate than that of the thorax. Undifferentiated termination.

Etymology: The name is derived from the Greek adjective nomas, roaming, and refers to the migration of this species from the tropics to the Antarctic.
Sanfilippo and Caulet 1998











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