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Ceratocyrtis erosa (Cleve, 1900)

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Lampromitra erosa Cleve, 1900, p. 10, Plate 4, Figures 2 and 3.
Description: Shell is flatly conical and covered with scattered
small spines. Cephalis is subspherical with irregular roundish pores.
Apical horn is small, sometimes of similar size to by-spines. Dorsal
and primary lateral spines form thoracic ribs. Thorax has irregular,
roundish polygonal pores increasing in size from cephalis to
peristome. The latter is fringed, with spines divided in a series of
downwardly directed branches, and a series of laterally directed
Dimensions: Maximum diameter of thorax with spines is 210μ.
Nearly all specimens assigned to this species come from 128-3-5,
20-25 cm.

Dumitrica 1973











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