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Botryopera oceanica (Ehrenberg, 1872)

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Very much the same as L. braevispicula Popofsky (Petrushevskaya, 1967, p. 77, fig. 44) but the walls are more delicate and the pores are more numerous. In this characteristic (the walls are sometimes nearly spongy) B. oceanica is similar to Lithomelissa (?) capitata Popofsky. There also is a similarity in the shell construction and outline, but B. oceanica is smaller than L. (?) capitata. Very probably the two species belong in the same genus but their origin is obscure.
In Quaternary, Antarctic.

Figure 7 Lithopera oceanica Ehrenberg. Ob Station 16; surface sediment
Figure 10 Ob station 6; surface sediment

Surface sediment

Ob Station 274
5. Ob Station 291

n.b. - This species has much larger relative cephalis size than L. hystrix, not conspecific. Correctness of genus (family) assignment unclear. D. Lazarus, 16.9.11
Petrushevskaya 1975











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