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Pteropilium stratiotes Haeckel, 1887

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Pteropilium stratiotes, n. sp. Haeckel 1887 p. 1326, Pl. 70, figs. 9, 10

Shell thin-walled, with two deep strictures. Length of the three joints = 1: 5: 4, breadth = 2: 6: 9. Cephalis hemispherical, with a vertical, straight, prismatic horn of three times the length. Thorax inflated, oblique, with three slender, nearly straight, widely divergent ribs, beginning from the collar stricture and united in its centre with the centripetal prolongation of the horn. The basal half of the three ribs is enclosed in the thorax wall, whilst the distal half lies outside it, and is connected with its lower half only by two divergent, reticulated wings. The upper edge of the ribs is connected with the occipital horn by a vertical, loosely reticulated, triangular wing. Abdomen half as long, as the thorax, also of irregular and oblique form, with knee-shaped outline and a wide, truncate mouth. Network with irregular polygonal, for the most part quadrangular, meshes, separated by thin bars and forming irregular transverse rows. Some stronger, vein-like ribs ramify in the wall, diverging towards the mouth.

Length of the three joints, a 0.03, b 0.1, c 0.08; breadth, a 0.04, b 0.12, c 0.18.

HabitatCentral Pacific, Station 274, surface.

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