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Giraffospyris laterispina Goll, 1969

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GIRAFFOSPYRIS LATERISPINA n. sp. Goll 1969 p. 334; pl. 58, fig. 15, 16, 20, 21

Sagittal ring subcircular; 69 to 87μm high; 46 to 62μm thick; joined directly to front, apex, and back of lattice shell. Frontal and axial spines short; vertical spine very short, arising from lower quarter of sagittal ring. Some specimens have short apical spine; other skeletons lack apical spine. Primary-lateral bars joined to basal ring; no other connector bars. Basal ring oval, having sagittal and lateral indentations; 56 to 97μm wide; 30 to 46 μm thick; joined directly to front and back of sagittal ring; encloses four basal pores. Of the three symmetrical pairs of laterally directed basal spines that project from basal ring, one pajr is adjacent to the primary-lateral bars; one pair is at front of basal ring; and one pair is at back of basal ring. Lattice shell 92 to 128 μm wide; strongly constricted sagittally; not extending below basal ring; has appearance of thin, smooth sheet perforated by subcircular lattice pores 31to 37μm in diameter. Variable number of lattice bars joined to sagittal or basal rings. In some specimens, sagittal-lattice pores adjacent to front and back of basal ring are three to five times the size of the apical pairs of sagittal-lattice pores. In some skeletons, pairs of short sagittal-ring spines are observed at points of contact of sagittal ring and lattice bars. No frontal, vertical, or sternal pores.

A species of Giraffospyris that lacks lattice spines and sagittal-ring tubercles and characterized by an axial spine.

Representatives of Giraffospyris laterispina, n. sp., differ from those of Dendrospyris damaecornis, D. binapertonis Goll, and Tholospyris scaphipes in having axial spines. Skeletons of the type-species of Giraffospyris, G. didiceros, have lattice-shell tubercles, two to five basal spines that project downward from the basal ring, and lack an axial spine.

Representatives of Giraffospyris laterispina are in all samples above RIS 102G, 78-81 cm. (upper Miocene).

USNM 650372, from core sample MSN 143P, 890-892 cm. (middle Pliocene).

15, 16, 20, 21—Giraffospyris lalerispina Goll, n. sp. Basal, back, left-side, and front views, respectively, of holotype; USNM 650372. core sample MSN 143P. 890-892cm. X300

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