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Carpocanistrum favosum Haeckel, 1887

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Shell ovate, dimply. Length of the two joints = 1 : 5, breadth = 1 : 5. Cephalis subspherical, small, completely hidden in the thickened top of the thorax (but very distinct in the longitudinal section). Thorax ovate, with twenty-five to thirty longitudinal ribs, alternating with the same number of longitudinal furrows, each of which contains ten to twe1ve circular, hexagonally framed pores. ln the smooth wall of the peristome only twelve triangular ribs are visible. Mouth constricted, one-third as broad as the thorax.

Dimensions: Cephalis 0,02 diameter; thorax 0,1, long, 0,09 broad.

Habitat: Western Tropical Pacific, Station 225, depth 4475 fathoms.

Haeckel 1887











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