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Otosphaera annikae Petrushevskaya & Kozlova, 1972

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Otosphaera annikae sp. nov. (Plate 9, Figure 1)

Description based on 24 specimens from 139-3-CC, 139-4-CC, 140-2-2, 142-9-1, 88-100 cm.
The smooth wall is perforated by rounded pores. The diameter of the pores is equal to or less than the interval between them. The rounded shell (about 120-140μ in diameter) is very much the same as in tne type species of the genus. It differs from O. polymorpha by having two (instead of three) tubes. The tubes are disposed (as in O. auriculata, described by C. Nigrini, 1967, pi. 1, fig. 7) on the opposite poles of the shell. The wall of the tube is perforated on the proximal end and stretched into a long needle on the distal end. In O. auriculata (Plate 9, Figure 2) there are no such needles on the ends of the tubes. O. annikae is characteristic of the early Dorcadospyris alata Zone. The species is named for Annika Sanfilippo, who, together with W. R. Riedel, first illustrated this species

Petrushevskaya & Kozlova 1972











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