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Carpocanopsis cristatum (Carnevale, 1908)

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Carpocanopsis cristatum (Carnevale) (Plate 1G, Figure 16; Plate 2G, Figures 1-7)

Description: Cephalis hemispherical, in rare specimens bearing a short apical spine, usually separated from the thorax by a change in external contour. Thorax inflated barrel-shaped, with very thick wall and rough surface, and with fewer pores than C. cingulatum and C. bramlettei, not longitudinally aligned. Abdomen usually represented by only a few corroded protuberances on the distal part of the thorax, but to judge from portions preserved on rare specimens it appears not to be separated from the thorax by an externally expressed stricture, and to have irregular pores similar to those of C. cingulatum.

Remarks: This species is distinguished from C. favosum by the abdomen being porous rather than hyaline, and evidently inverted truncate-conical (narrowing distally).
It differs from C. cingulatum as indicated in the discussion of that species. Dimensions and other features are generally similar to those given by Carnevale for specimens from the Italian Miocene, but we cannot be confident of the identity of our species with his until there is an opportunity to examine additional Italian material.
Riedel and Sanfilippo 1971











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