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Phormostichoartus caryoforma Caulet, 1979

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Phormostichoartus caryoforma (Caulet)
Plate 6, figures 7-9

Lithamphora caryoforma Caulet.- CAULET 1979, p. 131, pl.2, fig.2.

Description: Shell three-segmented, smooth,generally cylindrical, but tapering distally. Cephalis approximately spherical, but not easily distinguished from the thorax. Vertical tube cylindrical, lying along the proximal part of the thorax. Thorax annular with 3 to 4 horizontal rows of subcircular pores, 4 pores on a half equator. Lumbar stricture distinct. Abdomen vase-shaped, i.e. cylindrical, but tapering distally, with horizontal rows of subcircular pores of varying size. No peristome.

Dimensions (based on 25 specimens): Length of cephalis 10-14 µm; of thorax 24-26 µm; of abdomen 53-63 µm. Maximum breath of cephalis 26-28 µm; of thorax 35-40 µm, of abdomen 45-50 µm.

Distinguishing characters: This species is distinguished from P. schneideri by its smooth abdominal outline and smaller size.
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