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Anthocyrtidium euryclathrum Nigrini and Caulet, 1988

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Anthocyrtidium euryclathrum Nigrini and Caulet, n. sp.
Plate 1, figures 5-7
Description: Cephalis trilobate with irregularly arranged circular pores, and bearing a stout three-bladed apical horn, shorter than the cephalis. Collar stricture indistinct. Thorax smooth, heavy, inflated conical with a constricted mouth.Circular pores are regularly arranged in widely spaced longitudinal rows, up to 12 on a half-equator; bar width is approximately the same as or greater than pore diameter. Narrow, smooth, poreless peristome with 10-18 regular, flat, triangular, terminal teeth. Very few poorly developed subterminal teeth are present on some speciments.
Dimensions: Length of apical horn up to 25 µ; of cephalis 25-40 µ; of thorax 65-80 µ. Maximum breadth of cephalis 26-30 µ; of thorax 65-90 µ. Internal diameter of distal opening 43-50 µ. Maximum pore diameter 4 µ.

Distinguishing range: Smooth, inflated conical thorax with widely spaced longitudinal rows of circular pores.

Nigrini and Caulet 1988











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