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Liriospyris parkerae Riedel and sanfilippo, 1971

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Description: Sagittal ring D-shaped, with a furrow on the anterior and posterior sides. Four collar pores, separated by the median and sternal (in the sense of Goll) bars and the primary lateral spines, are enclosed within the basal ring. The remainder of the skeleton is a simple longitudinally furrowed frontal ring, except that it is divided apically to join the upper part of the sagittal ring at two points. There is no apical spine, and the vertical spine is represented by a short thorn. At the base of the apical bar of the sagittal ring is a single small pore, near which can be distinguished two very small secondary lateral bars, and near the base of the vertical bar is a pair of small pores and near them a sternal bar (in the sense of Goll, 1968).
Measurements based on 25 specimens from 63.1-9-4, 15-16 cm and 64.0-5-4, 84-86 cm. Height of sagittal ring 50 to 70 μ, total width of skeleton 95 to 125 μ.
Remarks: This species differs from Liriospyris stauropora, its immediate ancestor, in that the band-like lattice-shell of that species is here reduced to a poreless bar.
It is named for Frances L. Parker, whose investigations of Cenozoic foraminifera have contributed greatly to our understanding of the bio stratigraphy of pelagic sediments.
Riedel and sanfilippo 1971











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