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Lampromitra coronata Haeckel, 1887

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Shell flat, conical, with slight collar stricture. Length of the two joints = 1: 2, breadth = 2: 7. Cephalis hemispherical, with a conical oblique horn of twice the length, and small subregular hexagonal pores. Thorax with larger, subregular, hexagonal meshes, six to eight times as broad as the bars. Peristome or basal margin of the thorax circular, with a marginal ring of smaller polygonal meshes and a triple coronal of short spines; two external rings of short conical centrifugal spines, and an internal ring of thin centripetal rods (fig. 7a). In fig. 7 the shell is seen from below and exhibits very distinctly the internal cross of the collar septum, composed of the four divergent cortinar bars; between the latter descend the four pear-shaped lobes of the central capsule (each containing an oil globule), whilst the apical part of the capsule (with the nucleus) is hidden in the large cap-shaped cephalis.
Dimensions.—Cephalis 0.03 long, 0.07 broad; thorax 0.06 long, 0.2 broad.
Habitat.—Central Pacific, Station 271, depth 2425 fathoms.
Haeckel 1887











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