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Gondwanaria japonica kiaeri Goll and Björklund, 1989

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Diagnosis: A subspecies of G. japonica characterized by the presence of a long stout A-spine.
Etymology: The species is named posthumously in honor of Professor Johan A. Kiaer, 1869-1931, Royal Frederick's University, Oslo.
Description: A-spine stout, one to four times longer than the diameter of the cephalis.
Occurrences: G. japonica kiaeri occurs in: Samples 104-642D-8X-1, 25-27 cm to -6X-1, 30-32 cm; and Section 104-643A-29X, CC to Sample 104-643A-26X-5, 105-107 cm.
Size. 80-90 μm, maximum thoracic width.
Holotype. PMO 117.593; Sample 104-643A-29X-5, 105-107 cm; England Finder Z23/4; PI. 4, Figs. 27-28.
Picture: 27, 28. Gondwanaria japonica kiaeri n. subsp. Holotype; PMO 117.593; England Finder Z23/4; Sample 104-643A-29X-5, 105-107 cm.
Goll and Björklund 1989











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