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Dorcadospyris dentata Haeckel, 1887

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Shell subspherical, tuberculate, with small regular circular pores. Basal plate with four larger pores. Apical horn three to four times as long as the shell, slender, conical, smooth. Feet more or less convexly curved towards one another; the distal ends not crossed. In the convex edge of each arm a series of five to ten smooth conical teeth, not longer than the shell. This common species is very variable and often asymmetrical; the figured specimen is an asymmetrical one, in which the two arms exhibit different curves; in the normal form both arms have the same curve, now more, now less convex.
Dimensions.—Shell 0.06 long, 0.08 broad; horn 0.2, feet 0.03 long.
Habitat.—Central Pacific, Stations 267 to 274, depth 2350 to 2925 fathoms.
Haeckel 1887











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