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Clathrocyclas alcmenae Haeckel, 1887

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Shell conical, with two indistinct strictures. Length of the three joints = 2: 10: 1, breadth = 2: 12: 14. Cephalis hemispherical, with two divergent, pyramidal horns; frontal horn as long as the cephalis, occipital horn of twice the length. Thorax conical, with large hexagonal meshes, increasing gradually in size towards the short abdomen, which is represented only by a single circular girdle of small, square, ahdominal pores. Coronal of the peristome with twenty to thirty triangular, divergent, nearly horizontal feet, as long as the cephalis.

Length of the three joints, a 0.02, b 0.1, c 0.01; breadth, a 0.02, b 0.12, c 0.14.

Habitat Central Pacific, Station 272, depth 2600 fathoms.
Haeckel 1887











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