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Cyrtopera aglaolampa Takahashi, 1991

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Cephalis spherical with a conical stout apical horn 2-3 times its length and with very small pores. There are 6-8 abdominal segments of equal length which gradually increase their width toward the last abdominal chamber. The chamber is ca. 4-6 times as wide as cephalic diameter. Constrictions between the segments are equal to or less than those in C. languncula. There are a few short spines on the thorax as well as on the basal side of the last chamber. Four to five abdominal ribs attached on the wall and extending out of the last chamber and become feet which are as long as the chamber's length and slightly curved inward. Pores circular and small in the thorax and gradually increase their size and become hexagonal toward the last chamber. The last chamber's pores are as wide as 2-3 times the thickness of interporous bars.
Dimensions: (5 specimens) Length (cephalis to last chamber): 220-270- pm; width (last chamber): 120-195 pm.
Type Locality: 15°21.1'N, 151°28.5'W; sediment trap depth 2,778 il; collected during July-November 1978.
Remarks: The apical spines are usually straight and not curved as those of C. languncula.
Derivation of name: The name of this species if from the Greek meaning a beautiful lamp.
Takahashi 1991











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