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Corythospyris reuschi Goll and Björklund, 1989

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Skeleton consists solely of a small, smooth, thin-walled cephalis perforated by pores of differing size. Pores of the lateral margins and V-side are small and densely spaced. The D-side of the cephalis bears a large pair of sagittal lattice pores that are partially obscured by a long arching lattice bar spanning the width of the cephalis. A-spine prominent; V-spine very small. Three short basal spines project laterally as extensions of the D- and LL-bars.

A large species of Corythospyris characterized by a long single lattice bar that spans the D-side of the cephalis.
Etymology: The species is named posthumously in honor of Hans H. Reusch, 1852-1922, Director of the Geological Survey of Norway.

Corythospyris reuschi is distinguished from Corythospyris fiscella by the presence of enlarged sagittal lattice pores.

Corythospyris reuschi occurs in the Eucoronis fridtjofnanseni/C. reuschi Zone to the Tessarastrum thiedei Zone in: Samples 104-642B-18H-4, 24-26 cm to -14H-1, 35-37 cm; 104-642C-19H-2, 25-
27 cm to 16H-6, 25-27 cm; and 104-643A-11H, CC to 9H-4, 105-107 cm.

Size: 72-85 μm, maximum cephalic width.

Holotype: PMO 117.590; Sample 104-642C-17H-2, 25-27 cm; England Finder N48/2; PL 4, Figs. 9-11.
Goll and Björklund 1989











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