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Dictyocodon palladius Haeckel, 1887

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Shell with distinct collar, but evanescent lumbar stricture. Length of the three joints = 1: 2: 7, breadth = 1: 3: 8. Cephalis very small, with a large pyramidal horn of twice the length, bearing at its base some small, often branched, accessory spines. Thorax three-sided pyramidal, without external boundary prolonged into the large, inflated, gradually dilated abdomen. The internal boundary between the two is marked by a fenestrated, horizontal ring (not indicated in the figure). Three prominent, triangular, fenestrated wings arise from the base of the cephalic horn, and are prolonged nearly through the whole shell almost to the edge of the mouth; in its lower half they form three elevated fenestrated apophyses, the upper edge of which is nearly horizontal. Mouth divided by about twenty incisions into as many triangular, vertical, fenestrated feet. The network of the whole shell is very delicate, like fine gauze, composed of very small, regular, hexagonal pores.

Dimensions.—Length of the three joints, a 0.03, b 0.055, c 0.21; breadth, a 0.03, b 0.09, c 0.25.
Habitat.—Central Pacific, Station 271, surface.
Haeckel 1887











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