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Eucecryphalus sestrodiscus (Haeckel, 1887)

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Shell very flat, subconical, nearly discoidal, with two distinct strictures. Length of the three joints = 1: 2: 1, breadth = 1: 8: 10. Cephalis kidney-shaped, very small. Thorax flat, campanulate, with curved lateral outline; its pores irregular, polygonal, increasing in size towards the girdle. Abdomen horizontally expanded, like the brim of a hat, with five to six concentric, circular rows of pores, the pores of the inner rows twice to three times as large as those of the outer rows. (The inner circle of large, oblongish, quadrangular pores, characteristic of the preceding species, is here divided into three concentric rings by two circular hoops.)

Length of the three joints, a 0.02, b 0.04, c 0.02; breadth, a 0.02, b 0.15, c 0.2.

Habitat: Central Pacific, Station 274, surface.

Haeckel 1887











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