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Actinomma golownini Petrushevskaya, 1975

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Actinomma golownini
The second shell is about 45μ in diameter, the third about 110μ- 120μ. The fourth shell was absent in all specimens found. Six radial spines rising from the second shell go out from the third shell. The other four spines rise from the third shell and have no connection with the second shell. All 10 spines have acute blades, are wide near the third shell but become very thin at about 60μ so they look like spikes. Pores on the third shell are rather regular, nearly of the same size, and polygonal. The bars between the pores are very narrow. Short by-spines rise from the third shell and are not always seen. The description is based on 23 specimens from Site 278 (Cores 12- 15) and on some specimens from the core of Ob Station 256. Holotype no. 62242 in the Marine Department. The species is named after Vasilij Michailovich Golownin (1776-1831), Russian investigator of the southern hemisphere on the ships Kamtchatka and Diana.
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