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Archipilium quasimacroporum Wang and Yang, 1992

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Diagnosis: Cephalus small without apical horn. Thorax semispherical, with fewer of pores. Three divergent feet originated from the lower part of thorax, very long, curved, thicker near their upper part and tapering distally. Thorax may not be distinctly separated from abdomen. Abdomen pores more numerous than those of thorax. Mouth open. Dimensions: Length and width of thorax: 45-50 μm; length and width of abdomen: 38-54 μm and 64—73 μm; length of feet: 140-172 μm; diameters of thoracic and abdominal pores: 7-10 and 4-7 μm.
Remarks: New species is closely similar to Archipilium macropum (Haeckel), but differs from the latter by having more thoracic and abdominal pores and longer feet, as well as having irregular abdominal pores of various sizes.
Stratigraphic range: Pliocene.

Wang and Yang 1992











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