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Dictyophimus macropterus (Ehrenberg, 1873)

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Lithomelissa macroptera, laevis. Artic. I s. capitulum magnum subglobosum, aculeo forti armatum, strictura distincta ab artic. II discretum. Pori irregulares parvi rari. Artic. 1 alis spinosis 3 decurrentibus, cellulis magis distinctis instructus subtruncatus. Long. sine aculeo 1/26''' capitis 1/60''', aculei 1/72'''. Latit. max. 1/47'''.
In nonnullis speciminibus cellulae ubique majores, in uno capitulum spina laterali parva armatum observata sunt.
Ehrenberg 1873
Lithomelissa macroptera
Shell smooth, with distinct collar stricture. Relative length of the two joints= 4: 5, breadth = 3 : 4. Cephalis ovate, with a stout, excentric, vertical, pyramidal born of the same length. Thorax little larger, ovate, truncate. Both joints with very small and scattered pores. Three divergent ribs arise from the base of the cephalic horn, and are prolonged over the major part of the thorax; their under free part arises from the middle part of the thorax and is as long as the horn, straight, pyramidal Mouth truncate, little constricted .
Dimensions-Cephalis 0.04 long, 0.03 broad; thorax 0.05 long, 0.04 broad.
Habitat.-Fossil in Barbados.
Haeckel 1887
Remarks - Haeckel does not illustrate this species. Modern specimens (Takahashi, Renaudie) do not appear to be conspecific with Ehrenberg's illustration.
David Lazarus 2009











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