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Lithomelissa ehrenbergii B├╝tschli, 1882

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Lithomelissa ehrenbergii
Shell rough, with distinct collar stricture. Relative length of the two joints = 4:2, breadth= 3:4. Cephalis ovate, with a stout excentric, oblique, pyramidal horn of half the length. Thorax little shorter, truncate, conical. Both joints with regular circular pores, of the same breadth as the bars. Three divergent conical feet, as long as the cephalis, arise below the collar stricture. Mouth truncate, not constricted .
Dimensions.-Cephalis 0.08 long, 0.06 broad; thorax 0.04 long, 0.08 broad.
Habitat.-Central Pacific, Station 265, depth 2900 fathoms; fossil in Barbados.
Haeckel 1887
Lithomelissa(?) ehrenbergii
Description: The cephalis is large, ovate, and armed with a short excentric oblique apical horn. Inner cephalic structure consists of a short median bar, and of apical, dorsal, vertical and primary lateral spines, most of them projected beyond the skeletal surface. Apical spine is free through a long distance in the cephalic cavity. Arches connecting the apical spine with the lateral ones, and the latter, with the vertical one, are distinct and joined to the cephalic wall only with their median part. Collar structure is well defined externally. The thorax is shorter than cephalis, truncate, conical or hemi- spherical. The whole shell is rather thick-walled and perforated by circular or oval pores. Surface of cephalis and thorax is smooth in young specimens, but in the presumably mature ones the cephalis becomes as rough as in the illustrated specimens.
Remarks: This species is extremely rare in the Quaternary Mediterranean cores, its frequency reaching 2% only in 128-10-3, 5-8 cm.
Dumitrica 1973











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