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Tetraphormis dodecaster (Haeckel, 1887)

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Sethophormis dodecaster
Cephalis small, flatly cap-shaped, with irregular, small, roundish pores. Thorax flatly conical, nearly of the same shape as in the preceding species, but only with twelve prominent ribs; four primary or perradial ribs (as prolongations of the four crossed cortinar bars), and eight adradial ribs interpolated between the former, and arising at some distance from the collar ring. Peristome with twelve prominent pointed lobes (supported by the distal ends of the twelve ribs), and with twelve semicircular bosoms between them. (The specimen figured is young and not fully developed.)
Dimensions.-Cephalis 0.02 long, 0.04 broad; thorax 0.1 long, 0.3 broad.
Habitat.-South Pacific, Station 298, depth 2225 fathoms.
Haeckel 1887











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