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Lampromitra huxleyi (Haeckel, 1879)

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Lampromitra huxleyi
Shell flat, conical, spiny, with slight collar stricture. Length of the two joints - 1:3, breadth =1:8. Cephalis hemispherical, with a short conical horn of the same length. Thorax with irregular polygonal pores. Peristome with three coronals of divergent bristle-shaped spines; the first directed obliquely upwards, the second outwards, and the third nearly vertically, downwards; the bristles of the latter are much longer, about as long as the height of the shell.
Dimensions.-Cephalis 0.02 long, 0.02 broad; thorax 0.06 long, 0.16 broad.
Habitat.-Australia (east coast), Station 169, surface.
Haeckel 1887











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